Bunjil, Designed by ENESS Sandwich acrylic frames A tilt of Light by ENESS Laminated moulded shelves Designed by Multiplicity Free standing acrylic Vases Boxes in a box in coloured acrylic Impressive cutlery holder Apple sign by Azure Design Shower walls in gloss acrylic Designer shelves Box shelves in acrylic Guitar in acrylic Dancing With The Stars Trophy


Fabrication is often applied to all aspects of sheet plastic processing. CNC routing, laser cutting, and line bending.

We fix plastic components together using two processes. Chemical bonding can be used to produce clean-looking joints on clear materials. Mechanical fixing is achieved with a range of fasteners. Edge polishing is used to give a desirable polished look. This is mainly used for acrylic, since they polish well and are often used for highly visual applications. We flame polish, wet sand, buff polish and diamond polish.